​Marie Masterson    George McCarthy     Maura Moore

On 27 November 2016 We had a competition for Turkey vouchers

​about 40 of our members took part

2015 .mixed Trips

we had our flag unfurling day in August


Tom Farron

Rose Kealy

Brian Kealy

Maureen Moore

Ladies Single H/C Winner

Alice Kincade.

We took a trip to Sligo Bowling club on 21st& 22 March 2018

Ladies Singles R/U

Maureen Moore

In 2014 We ran handicap compititions           

Winner Terry McCarthy

     RU Teresa Hayes

 Gents Winner                         R/u

Denis tracey                John O Reilly

Harry Smyth     Mick Keating   Shay Barry

Mens club Champion held in         March.

   Winner               ​Runner up

​Tom Scallan         Tony Kelly

Winning Team

Frank Burton                                                                                         

Teresa Hayes

Pat Kelly

​Dave Bergin

Mixed Pairs Winners 

Teresa  Hayes & Bob Little


 Terry                            Deirdre



Club Champ of Champs Shield


Ladies Winner

Pat Travers

R/U Alice Kincaid

2017 Club Champions 


Our handicap a was mixed .competition

Winner Joe Farrell

Runner up Mick Hayes

Top Lady Alice Kincaid  

Runners up

Peter Becton

Christy Fenlon


​Tommy Scallon

ladies Handicap Competition 2017

Winners                                R/u

Brendan  English                 Tom Scallon

Rose Kealy                           Maureen Moore

Brien Kealy                          Eamonn Maguire

Two Finalists Facing up to one another

Runner's Up.

Brendan Graham

Teresa Hayes

Denis Patrick

George McCarthy

Runners up

Ladies club championship competition was held in March 2018

Runner up Deirdre Donnelly

​Winner Terry McCarthy

Mixed Pairs R/U

Mick Keating----Marie Masterson

Gents Single's R/u

Mick Keating

Ray Waterhouse cup held on 23 Sept  2018


we had a visit from SARA          bowling club from Sligo a great fun day was had by all

Ladies Winner                            R/U

Alice Kincaid                       Terry McCarthy

Ladies Winner                 R/u

Bernadine O Carroll        Rose Kealy

Ladies single's Winner                   Ladie's R/u

     Rose Holmes                         Bernadine O Carroll

Gents single's R/u

     Tony Kelly

2016 Club Competition & club Champion was sponsored by Trend Set

Gents Winner                            R/U                                                                          

Tom Farron                         Vincent Donevan

Denis Patrick  Margaret Scallan Sean Donovan

Men's Winner

Willie Harris



Men's Singles  H/C Winner.

Tommy Scallan

Ray waterhouse Cup 2017 


Mens Winner

Mick Keating

R/U John O Reilly